Good News for Dementia Research!

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Research

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I have been an avid supporter of Dr Dale Bredesen for the past several years, and I am so encouraged to see his next publication is nearly complete!

The road to publishing new research in a medical journal is a long and arduous one.  It is typically a 2 year process from beginning to end, and includes many steps of peer review and editing, with only a select few articles making it all the way through to the end.  That is why it gives me such great pleasure to see the perseverance of Dr Bredesen and his team to continue to advance the work of preventing and reversing dementia!

New clinical trial completed in 2020

While Dr Bredesen has been a significant contributor to dementia research for several decades (and has contributed to over 200 publications), his recent work has been pioneering in the work of using a personalized approach to dementia.  His newest research study took place in 2020, with 30 participants who all had diagnosed cognitive impairment receiving treatment guided by the Apollo Health Recode Protocol over a 9 month period.  Each of the participants showed improvement in their short term memory, their cognitive performance on a standardized test, and their caregivers were also able to note measurable improvements in activities of daily living.  And even better- there were no adverse effects!  This is unheard of in medicine- to see such a successful treatment with no side effects!  

At a time when it seems that we hear over and over again how another drug has failed to show any benefit for Alzheimer’s, this new research is cause for celebration!   I hope that this publication gets front page news- we all need some good news!  Sadly, I don’t expect to see the headlines “Doctor changing the future of Alzheimer’s” to be on the 6 o’clock news.  Our medical system tends to be focused on pharmaceuticals, instead of whole person care.  

The whole person approach to dementia is successful, and I sincerely believe it will be the future.  In Europe, they have already instituted a research collaborative called The European Dementia Prevention Initiative.  The Alzheimer’s Association has begun to recognize that there is more to dementia research than pharmaceuticals and is funding the U.S. Pointer study.  The mindset is shifting, and it’s exciting to see that there is good news!

Let’s change the future of dementia together!

We are launching our program to begin helping families who are at risk for dementia as well as those experiencing a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment or early Alzheimer’s disease.  We hope you will join us in “being the change”.  We want to see a world free of dementia, and it is a real possibility when we use a personalized medicine approach!

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